less blue

my tears feeding unwanted fears
everywhere i go i get unwanted jeers
my world is slowly falling apart
and thats not even the worst part

your not here

too much to say
too much to do
too many things
i cant say to you
and that isnt even
quite why im feeling so blue

i really do miss you

it used to be
you were only with me
but then there
was her
and she
and it wasnt us anymore
it wasnt only my tears
that were dropping to the floor
after you went away
on the fateful day
and thats not even the end of the story

you see, even as i lay
these blooming morning glories
on your grave
i cant help but see
all he flowers left
by others
that werent me
and hope
that the apple really does fall far from the tree
cause i hope the son you left me
and her
and she
will take a road
less followed
and show their father
how to be me
and not you

and maybe,
just maybe,
how to make me not blue

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