tip to tip

back away not today today is not the day why do you ask? what do you want? don’t you see? im trying really hard to put up this front my performance youre going to ruin it my show is going to end don’t ask me if im ok because I might tell you and then, then it will all be over from the tips of my toes to the tip of my nose i will fall fall apart



we go through every day blindly
we try to act kindly
to everyone we meet

but then comes along
that lark who ruins
the swan's song
and all we feel is grief

we yell out in pain at the disharmony
but blarmy, blarmy
what to do
about our little swan song
but to simply find another

all we see is the ugly duckling
who hates everyone he meets

what to do
about his pain
but we never think
all we see is our own grief


numbers swim before my eyes
as i listen to these banker's lies
as he tells me what to do
tells me i must be true
and all i can think is
what about you?
are you always true?
for we live in a world of hostility
they're all out to get people like you and me
people at the bottom of the tree
people who are well aquanted with
that seemingly never ending hostility
people who get by on them rich folk's money
the little they shar
even when we've earned it fair and square
sweatin our lives away
thats all we seem to do these days


why is it we get lonely?
its as if we cant light our own sky,
we need that other face
to serve as our sun
but why?
are we creatures so needy for love
as to suffer as we do
without that one?
but why is it?
why is night sky not enough
i have a few stars in my sky
yet still no sun
i miss that light
but for me,
its only darkness i see



the blues take me down
to the south street
sucks the soul
right out of my
takes all the tap
from my lively
gives me no reason
to hide
gives me every reason
to lie



my mind whirls
my hand shakes
fear envelopes my soul
panic flashes across my face
giving me away

now others are panicked
running in a frenzy
trying to get away

Away from what?
what is scary?
I see no monster
I see no stranger
no guns
no bombs

What is it?
Then I start running
Running, Running

People ahead of me run
faster, run harder
trying to get away

Then I catch a glimpse
in a window of the monster
It stares back at me
with hungry eyes

I raise my hand to touch the glass
the monster on the other side does the same
I look at my hand
Then at the monster’s hand
Then I touch my face
I’ve met the monster



doesnt matter who feels it, someone does.
thats what poetry is.
the words left unsaid.
the thoughts we think late at night we lie in bed
waiting for sleep to claim us
and take us away
make us feel the night and forget the day
then in the morning, we wake again
as the night slips quietly away
hoping for not another poetic day
full of words left unsaid
feeling left unspoken
doors left wide open
but unfortunately we are creatures of our nature,
victims of our morals
and from this we will all peril
from the words left unsaid


i dont want to be a burden
to keep you from running
but you see
its not my insanity
i have no legs with to run
no way to get out of this dump
so could you be so kind
as to give me a ride?
i dont care to where
just get me outta here


the quiet is so very nice sometimes,
you know
the constant tick of a clock
the hum of a radio,
its a strange thing,
does strange things to your soul
somehow makes the world less col
a strange glow is cast over one's sight,
so that even the darkest night can seem
so very bright
its a strange thing,
does strange things to your soul
or so i've been told

Open your arms

it's like I have a shield around me, none can see me. I don't bite, my heart is open. then why do you tip-toe around like I'm the reason you're broken? I'm not some stranger, not from outer space. I like to hold hands as much as the next girl on wih the prettier face. I'm not made of stone, but my eyes are as old as the earth. I'm not conflict-prone, but I'm not one who is easily hurt. I wish you wouldn't stand all around me and laugh with mirth, what you see isn't me, what you see is a vision that seems to be larger times three. dont walk away, don't close your eyes, don't plug your ears to my lonely cries. open your arms, and learn how warm I can be. open your eyes and I will paint you your dreams.